How High Should Your Saddle Be?

Some criticism is justified because any reasonable person might assume that if you buy the scooter seat, you get a good seat. In fact, you might not even give the seat a second thought and start logging big miles immediately. And, if you develop pain and discomfort, you might cling to the notion that it can’t be the seat and simply keep riding, figuring that if you shift your butt left and right enough, the aches and pains will disappear. If you’re lucky, that might happen. But, it could also be a bad mistake — the type of oversight that could cause many of the problems mentioned above.

Unfortunately, scooter seats are not that simple. A seat is a bit like a pair of shoes. The same way you’d buy a certain sneaker for a particular foot and sport, you must purchase a saddle that fits your body and your style of riding. The seat must be expertly adjusted to fit your body.

Even with a saddle height that is overwhelmingly low, performance does not degrade a great deal. Your motor/motors generate less power, because a too-low saddle height will also end up closing off your hip angle, but what you won't do is increase your risk of injury. A saddle that is even slightly too tall can lead to all kinds of problems from the annoying-but-minor, like saddle sores from shifting left-to-right to prevent reaching, up to more significant issues in the SI-joint, the hamstrings and calves, and more.

Overwhelming low saddle: Better handling when going at higher speed; but sharp turns might cause an issue if your handlebar is too long (680mm and above). Considering if you have a saddle, you should have a short handlebar for quicker steering.  

The best height for one's saddle is the right height. But the second best seat height is one that's too low. Rightness of saddle height does not exist on a bell curve. A saddle that is only slightly too tall is substantially more problematic than a saddle that is even a great deal too low. Having a low saddle also provides a better stability, higher center gravity too. Nonetheless, there are different people with preferences, at the end of the day it is up to the rider's own decisions whether to to make it a more comfortable ride.