Throttles are mostly personal preference but judging from our communities feedback we can see some sort of trend on which type of throttle will work best for your use. There are a number of different designs. Some are plain and simple, others come with added build in features like on/off switches or battery indicators.  The most advanced types are those integrated with an LCD, which in some cases contains GPS modules to track and display your scooters speed. Below is a selection of common and not so common designs with a short write-up about it's preferred use.


Twist Throttle

The twist throttle is operated simply by turning the grip just like you do on most motorbikes. It is the preferred choice of those who have a seat mounted on their e-scooter as it gives them better control in a seated position. 


Finger Throttle

This type with build-in LCD and on/off switch is found on many Speedway type of e-scooter models. Simply operate it with your index finger. Works ok for most but more seasoned riders will change it out for the hybrid type (see below) at some point for added comfort. There are a number of cases where the internal spring dislodged or the throttle lever breaking off completely.


Thumb Throttle

A popular choice that offers fine throttle control and response. It can become uncomfortable on longer rides though. Many people report having a numb thumb when using it for extended period of times.


Hybrid Throttle

This throttle can be operated by your thumb or your index finger depending on which side of the handlebar it's installed. It is a popular choice for regular riders as it offers great comfort and control.


GPS Throttle

Operates just like a twist throttle but instead of an LCD to control the scooter functions it comes with a stand alone GPS module to determine your speed, distance and direction.

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