Our Partner Communities

We have a number of related forums for those who would like to discuss certain topic in a more focused setting. Feel free to join and contribute.


KSE Indonesia (Electric Scooter Community of Indonesia) is Indonesia’s first public Facebook forum for people, companies or other stakeholders being interested in skutis. Launched on 1st May 2016 by Indonesian and foreign skutis enthusiasts as a fun and professional platform, KSE Indonesia accompanies and facilitates the development of Indonesia’s skutis community.

This group is meant for discussion and sharing of electric bicycle related topics in Singapore. Let's make it a fun and relaxing place to be!

This forum is a spin-off from the BWSS community. BDS focus will be solely on batteries, most of which are lithium based nowadays. Most of our admins and moderators have experience with building or repairing batteries and should be able to assist with any issues you might have.