The Big Wheel Scooters Singapore (BWSS) community was founded on 29th October 2013 by Swen Einhaus as a Facebook group for kick scooter enthusiasts in Singapore. It has since evolved into the biggest personal mobility forum, with members from all over the world.

As BWSS membership grew into the thousands and started to face many challenges, Swen decided to form an executive committee to help helm leadership of the community. 

Due to the overwhelming popularity of electric scooters, BWSS recognized that it was impossible to keep our enthusiast from taking to the streets, parks, footpaths and other public places, sharing the space with other stakeholders despite regulations.

To mitigate this trend, BWSS set out to educate on safety, preparing a guidelines of “do’s and don’ts”– The BWSS Etiquette.     



Leading a community of electric kick scooter and bicycle enthusiasts.



To alleviate the pressure on the public transport system via an alternative, environmentally friendly means, further facilitating the first and last mile level of commute and recreation.