Other Accessories

Here you will find a list of accessories that can be commonly found on electric scooters and bicycles. None of them are a must have, it's just to give you some ideas and inspiration. Pictures are just for illustration purposes.


Bell or Horn

Something nice and pleasant sounding to keep pedestrians happy.


Action Cam

An action or sports cam serves several purposes. You can record your journeys to share with friends or family later and at the same time have video evidence in case of a mishap. Most people mount their cameras on the handlebar or helmet.



To keep all your little things you use to carry around with you.


Bluetooth Speaker

It's nice to listen to some music while riding and speakers are a good choice as they still allow you to hear what else is happening around you. Just keep the volume at a level which does not irritate others.


First Aid Kit

Nobody wants accidents to happen but they do happen. It's good to be prepared!


Phone Mount

Smartphones are useful to help you navigate your way and record trip details at the same time with an appropriate app. It also allows you to make video recordings of your journey.



Most scooters can be fitted with a seat optionally. Many come with it by default. A seat is good for those who are not comfortable standing for longer periods.



Small, compact and useful in case something comes loose


Extension Bar

Also called kiddy bar, useful for when you need more space to mount accessories. There are many types, usually mounted at the stem or handlebar. It can also be used as a secure handle for pillion riders.


Bottle Cage

For your water bottle, Bluetooth speaker or anything else that fits in it.


Tube And Pump

In case you get a puncture and have the confidence and skill to do the change. Don't forget the tire lever and wrench to remove the tire and wheel.