Major Changes To The BWSS Marketplace

Please take note of the following changes to the BWSS Marketplace

1. Sales of non LTA compliant scooters: Effective immediately ALL sellers of non LTA compliant scooters (click here) will need to include the following disclaimer:

**Not LTA compliant - For export and use on private property only**

2. Free to list: All items (new or used) priced S$40 and below are now free to list. This has doubled from S$20 previously

3. Live Auctions: Included pricing for Live Auction sales. Please contact the marketplace admin in advance if you would like to conduct relevant live auctions in the BWSS Marketplace.

4. New items: Listing fees now apply to ALL new items priced above S$40.

All details and a link to join the marketplace can be found here. Contact the marketplace admin on Facebook for any clarifications.


Happy Buying And Selling!