Do I Need To Dismount And Push When Crossing A Road?

There has been “severe” confusion over the ruling of dismount and push at traffic junctions or zebra crossings – against what was recently reported in the media.

Please find an information screenshot taken from the LTA FAQ on the topic which clarifies. Alternatively, check out the Road Traffic Act. A link can be found at the end of this article.

Source: LTA FAQ

It is NOT mandatory to dismount and push our rides, at this moment. It is encouraged if there are many pedestrians crossing at the same time or at places where high human traffic exists, like at bus stops.

When crossing with a PMD or bicycle, you are responsible for your own safety and should not inconvenience or endanger those around you. You are required to STOP, LOOK, CLEAR THEN CROSS and not simply zoom right across… please take note.

We hope LTA personnel, enforcement officers and media can see these clearly so as not to contradict the rules and norm which has been laid out.

Sources: LTA FAQ, Road Traffic Act