Feet Positioning And Their Meanings When Riding An Electric Scooter

Inspired by a thread in our forum we present you with a simple but ultimate guide on feet positioning while riding your electric scooter.  Let us know if you can think of any others! Enjoy :)


Normal Commuting And Off Road Riding

2017-11-18 15.35.36.jpg

Barely Holding on To The Handlebar - You Are Going To Fast!

2017-11-18 15.36.05.jpg

Romantic Slow Evening Stroll With Your Wife Or Girlfriend

2017-11-18 15.34.57.jpg

Get A Room!

2017-11-18 16.53.24.jpg

Not So Romantic Slow Evening Stroll

2017-11-18 15.35.12.jpg

Forgot To Charge - Kicking

2017-11-18 15.35.51.jpg

Forgot To Charge Before A Romantic Evening Stroll

2017-11-18 15.37.16.jpg

Your Wife Or Girlfriend Borrowed Your Scooter

2017-11-18 15.36.25.jpg

Your Scooter Got Stolen - Make A Police Report!

2017-11-18 15.38.16.jpg

On Diet Or No Money For A New Scooter

2017-11-18 16.36.10.jpg

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