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What is an e-scooter and what other names does it goes by?

An e-scooter is also known as electric scooter, moped, scoot or scooter. It is a fusion of a skateboard with two wheels, run by rechargeable batteries, has a handle and sometimes a seat.

What is PMD and PAB?

A PMD is a collective name for any personal transport such as an e-scooter. It is short for Personal Mobility Device. In general, a PMD moves with the assistance of a throttle, be it finger throttle, thumb throttle or wrist/hand throttle. A PAB, which is short for Pedal Assisted Bike, is a collective name for a transport like an electric bike. For LTA's requirement, an electric bike must not have a throttle. Instead, it uses pedal-power and the motor will kick in to self-propel after a certain speed.  A PAB can look like an e-scooter but as long as it has pedals, then it still will be known as a PAB. A PMD may look like a bicycle but as long as it does not have pedals and runs on throttles, it shall be known as a PMD.  



Elec-tric scooters, scoots or mopeds in other parts of the world, and known as e-scooters, has been around ever since the inventions of wheels, electricity and skateboards. There are also photographic evidence of a scooter ridden in the 30's.

The revival of e-scooters most probably started with kick-scooters in the late 80's and 90's during the pinnacle of  BMX Freestyling. Back then, tired of the usual freestyle bikes, big names like GT, Dyno and Schwinn came up with another vessel to rip streets and on the ramps, quarter pipes and bowls. I remember flipping through pages and pages of BMX magazines featuring these kick-scooters.

And then it died down.

With the emergence of e-scooters in Singapore, it has now become not only the hottest means of green transportation but also also many berated comments on the usage. 

So what is this e-scooters that has been causing lots of requests to be banned?

For a start, it is a skateboard with two wheels and runs on charged battery. It can also has three wheels, with either two in front or two at the back. Generally, it falls under the PMD criteria, which is Personal Mobility Devices. The other being PAB, which is Pedal Assisted Bikes, an e-scooter does not has pedals. A user stands on the deck or sit on a seating and uses the throttle to move. The throttle can be a finger throttle, a thumb throttle or a wrist throttle. Everything else is the same as a motorcycle but on a smaller scale.

The user needs to charge his e-scooter before every ride. It can take a few hours for a full charge and depending on the ampere, it can travel very far. There has been known records of riders who had actually covered the whole of Singapore or the coastal part surrounding Singapore.