Front=White, Rear=Red! Very important and compulsory when riding at night. There are many types and brands available. Look out for reviews and get what your wallet allows. Here are some pointers:

  • A blinking light makes you visible to others but does not help you much to see what's ahead. Get a permanent flood light if the paths you are riding is to dark. Get a blinker if the path is lit enough to see what's in front of you
  • A blinker is sufficient for the rear
  • Blinkers use less energy, the batteries will last longer
  • Many lights have flood and blinking modes
  • Get a light with external battery packs if you go for longer rides. The batteries will last longer as compared to those with built in batteries
  • Angle your headlight downwards so you don't blind oncoming vehicles or pedestrians

Watch the video below for more details.