LCD Manuals

There are many types of LCDs with many different types of function. Unfortunately the documentation can sometimes be difficult to get hold of or it is hard to understand. On this page we will explain the most common settings and store manuals contributed by our members. Check the slideshow or external link collection at the bottom half of this page for some common and uncommon LCDs. Alternatively, make a post in the forum if you can't locate it.


Common LCD Settings

Wheel/ Tire Diameter: Input your tires outer diameter in inches. Common sizes are: 5", 6", 8", 10", 11" and 12". NOTE: This value is used to calculate your displayed speed. It does not affect your actual speed.

Voltage Cut-Off: Input the battery voltage at which power supply to the motor will be cut-off. Here are the most common values based on the respective battery rating. NOTE: The cut-off value on the LCD is meant to calibrate the battery graph. It will not change the actual power cut-off.

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Magnetic Poles: Input the number of magnets used in your motor. Contact your retailer or motor manufacturer for specifics. NOTE: This value is used to calculate your displayed speed. It does not affect your actual speed.

Hall Sensor: Hall sensors sense motor data that are needed to calculate performance values and make it run more efficiently. Most hub motors these days come with build-in sensors but you can 

Speed Unit: Choose if you want your speed displayed in KM/H or MP/H

Kick assist: Select to disable or enable. You will need to manually push the scooter to walking speed (~5km/h) for the throttle to function.

Cruising: Select to disable or enable. If activated the motor will maintain a fixed speed automatically without the need to hold on to the throttle. Hold the throttle in a fixed position for a few seconds to activate cruising at the desired speed. NOTE: This function is only recommended if your scooter is equipped with motor cut-off switches that will disable cruising when braking.

Power/ Normal Start: Choose the torque intensity when accelerating.

Electric Brake Power: Choose the intensity of your electric motor brake.




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