Dear BWSS members,

Welcome to the biggest electric personal mobility community in Singapore. We're glad to host you here and look forward to you meeting many of the very enthusiastic fellow members who love to take their rides out at any time of the day. We have setup up this community crowd-sourced FAQ (frequently asked questions) to help you get up to speed and have a more enjoyable experience.

* Please note that the BWSS Committee will do final edits on the FAQ to avoid any unintended errors or confusing points.

BWSS Committee - Keep Calm, Ride On!

Updated 18 Oct 2018


1. Are electric PMDs (Personal Mobility Devices) legal to use in public in Singapore?

Effective 1st May 2018 Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) are legal to use in Singapore. This is regulated through the Active Mobility Act. Details on the act can be found here.

Technical limitations: here

Usage limitations: here

2. My current PMD does not fulfill the future criteria. Can i modify it to comply with LTA rules?

Yes you can. Some clarifications here:

a) 20KG is the unladen weight of the device taken out of the box. Any additional accessories will count towards the unladen weight as long as they are attached to the scooter. Examples:

  • an external battery, even if you carry it in a backpack, counts as long as its connected to the scooter

  • a water bottle holder counts, whereas the water bottle inside of it does not

  • a handlebar pouch counts, whereas the content of it does not

b) Speed limiter or cap, as per the device max speed of 25km/h. Any device that do not fall in this category may be modified to suite the Legislation by a retailer to gain approval. The modifications must be permanent. Limiting the throttle output is an easy way of limiting the scooters speed: Throttle Limiter

3. Does BWSS have a committee to represent the community?

Yes, we have a committee and are represented in the Active Mobility Advisory Panel, spearheaded by LTA. More details on our activities can be found here: History, Mission and Vision

4. Is there any code of conduct for riding in public places?

As a BWSS member you are strongly encouraged to adhere to our Scooting Etiquette !

Always remember, safety first, we are sharing spaces with a variety of users. Be kind, be patient!

5. Where do i find scooter shops and other PMD-friendly establishments?

Check this: Scoot Friendly Places

6. How much does it cost to charge the batteries of my PMD?

Use this to find out: Battery Calculators

7. What should I look out for when buying a PMD?

  • Always research on the model you're buying, understand the features and check them one by one.

  • If you are looking to get an LTA compliant model the PMD cannot exceed the following limits: Speed 25km/h, Weight 20kg, Width 700mm

  • Meet the seller at a place where you can test the PMD properly! Sometimes it may not show up issues during short distance rides so find an open space and give it a good spin. Putting another 500m on it during a test ride will not diminish its value.

  • Look at the odometer, higher mileage means higher wear and tear

  • Pay special attention to brakes, tires and foldable areas (handlebar, stem)

  • Look out for hairline cracks

  • Get advice from experienced riders if you are unsure.

  • Ask the seller many questions. If in doubt, don't buy.

  • Exchange personal particulars with the seller or request a receipt! You will not be able to make a claim against an online moniker.

Check this page for more details: Choosing A Scooter

8. How can i confirm the battery capacity of a PMD i plan to buy?

Batteries usually make up the bulk of the costs for a PMD. Unfortunately there is no easy way to confirm it's size but there are a couple of steps you can take to protect yourself from being scammed.

  • Request to see the original sales receipt. In most cases the battery capacity will be shown in there.

  • Request to see the battery! It is fairly easy to remove the battery on most PMDs.

  • Look out for labels on the scooter or battery.

  • Higher capacity batteries are usually bigger/longer. Some scooters have a longer deck so as to accommodate the bigger battery

  • Check the weight (if possible).

  • Document the details (receipt!) and agree on a return policy.

  • Lastly, if in doubt don't buy! If the deal is to good to be true, then it probably is.

9. At which voltage is my battery empty?

Lithium batteries can only be discharged to a certain voltage. If the voltage falls below this limit you risk damaging them. Common lithium cells have a lower limit of 3V and are fully charged at 4.2V. Here is an easy way to figure out the lower limit for your battery:

Original Charger output voltage / 4.2V = # of Serial Cells

# of Serial Cells x 3V = Lower Limit

Lets use the Dualtron/SW3 as an example:

58.8 / 4.2 = 14 14 x 3 = 42V

Note: The lower limit is usually set slightly higher (1-2V). This is to account for unbalanced cells in the battery. ALSO, the low voltage setting on the LCD has no effect on the actual battery cut-off. It is only meant to calibrate the battery graph. The cut-off is hardwired in the BMS (Battery Management System). It is located inside the battery pack.

Check this page for more details: Batteries

10. I want to buy/sell/trade/do a 'group buy' for PMDs or related accessories. Can I post it in BWSS?

All such posts must go into the BWSS Marketplace

11. Does BWSS have group outings and events?

Yes! Activities will be posted in our Event Section or Forums.

12. Where can i get BWSS stickers or t-shirts? Follow these links: BWSS Stickers and BWSS T-shirts